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Miasin helps businesses connect and  transform their operations to become more sustainable, more efficient, and better prepared for the future.

Balancing business needs with sustainable goals

At Miasin, we are dedicated to helping companies transform their visions, values, and strategies into action and effective communications. We connect Norwegian technology companies with venture capital opportunities in Singapore, fostering a dynamic exchange of innovation and investment. Additionally, we assist companies from Singapore and Southeast Asia establish their operations in Norway, facilitating cross-border growth and collaboration. Our commitment is to drive sustainable business practices and partnerships, enabling a greener, more connected future.

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Anders Hegre

Clearing KYC for shipping S&P transactions in 3 days

NBAS member Assentiri has taken the lead in the much-needed modernization of shipping transactions with state-of-the-art technology from the fintech sector. Transactions in the maritime industry continue to rely heavily on manual, unstructured, and paper-intensive processes, which are time-consuming and resource-intensive. Assentiri aims to change this. Leveraging Stacc Quesnay’s advanced

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Anders Hegre

Norway launches green maritime export campaign in Singapore and Southeast Asia

In an ambitious move to champion sustainable maritime solutions, Norway has announced the initiation of a multi-year green maritime export program targeting Singapore and the broader Southeast Asian region.The Singapore Green Maritime High Potential Opportunities (HPO) program, spearheaded by Innovation Norway and supported by Team Norway in Singapore, is designed to

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our services

Connecting Asia and Scandinavia through sustainable solutions

Corporate Communications

We deliver corporate communications to businesses in Norway and Asia with focus on sustainability. process efficiencies and innovation. We help set the right narrative and communicate in a clear, true and compelling manner.

Scandiasian Connection

We help Norwegian tech companies connect with VCs in Sountheast Asia, and we assist Southeast Asian entities establish a presence in Norway. We have a deep knowledge of both the Norwegian and the Southeast Asian business climate.


We are passionate about the circular economy, alternative energy sources and reducing CO2 output. We work with companies to make sustainability a central part of their business strategy,

Our Values

Why Miasin?


We create outside the box solutions to help businesses run more efficiently and sustainably. Our approach is based on a deep knowledge of new technoligies and new methodologies.

Integrity & Trust

Trust is key to a working client relationship. That's why we focus on building a close replationship with our clients, establishing mutual trust and understanding of goals and working styles.


We are passionate about driveing better environmental solutions for all. We have broad experience from circular economy and carnon emissions projects.


Everything we do starts with a collaborative approach. we work closely with our fclients and other stakeholders to create the best possibile solutions for all.

Personal Touch

Miasin is a boutique consultancy working in the cross-section of sustainability and communications. We are dedicated to ensuring a great working environment for all.

Going the Extra Mile

Our delivery doesn't end until our clients are satisfied. We are devoted to delivering our projects on time, on budget and on track with future projects.

Anders Hegre

Anders is Miasin’s Founder & CEO. He is passionate about helping organisations fulfil their vision to become more sustainable. His decades of experience in businesses, non-profit organisations and international operations make him uniquely prepared to advise companies.